About Us

Our Fishing History

In northern Egypt, in the lovely Alexandria City on The Mediterranean coast, Al Fahim Bro. started the most beloved hobby for all city boys.


"Ahmed" the younger brother started travelling around Egypt's different fishing spots in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, while "Nehal" who had moved to U.S.A in the early 90's was fishing in completely different waters.


After "Nehal" got back home 2009, the brothers founded "The Pirates Fishing Team" with their fishing mates from all over Egyptian cities. The Team were pioneers in Egypt,  and introduced "Jigging & Popping" techniques to their fellow Anglers.


The Team have also participated in "The Egyptian Angling Federation" tournaments and have always been winners of 1st and 2nd positions for "Jigging & Popping", "Trolling" as well as "Bottom Fishing".




Our Tackle Shop & Company



As all Anglers do, they were longing to get bigger bites :)  So the brothers decided to create a business related to their hobby serving their Anglers mates. The brothers wanted to sell fishing tackle but more importantly to share their experiences with fishing techniques. The idea became "The Pirates Fishing Tackle" in 2012.

After the brothers spent plenty of time, money and energy to find the best and most reliable gear they decided in the same year 2012 to have their own Trading Company "Al Fahim Trading Co." To guarantee that they offered the greatest quality tackle at the best possible prices, they communicated with suppliers from Japan, U.S.A , Taiwan and all over the world directly to cut costs.

That's why they succeed in providing unique and the latest fishing tackle at the best possible prices.



Why are we different ?



- We are "Distributors" as well as "Dealers" for the widest range and best quality fishing tackle worldwide.

- We are the first online secured tackle shop in Egypt.

- We provide Recreational and New Anglers all needed advice and quality tackle to achieve their goals.

- We provide Professional Anglers with tackle that is suitable to their views and preferences.

- We have in the past, and are always willing to offer all Anglers our own personal experiences and opinions about tackle and techniques.

We are YOUR fishing advisors and we are YOUR own tackle shop


Tight Lines


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